About Our Founder

Edwina (Eddy) has specialized in women’s fitness for the body and mind since 1995. She operated her Fitwomen centres in 1995  and established her Fitmum brand in 1996. She has offered training for fitness professionals throughout Australia and has consulted to local and state governments running programs to get mums active and women active. She has run workshops in regional Australia for fitness professionals to train women and mums and was a keynote speaker at the Women of Global Change Summits in USA.

Eddy continues her passion in the fitness industry as a member of the Fitness Australia Board and continues to run accreditation programs for mums and women’s healing retreats. She has recently launched Australia’s first virtual reality meditation app AtOne.

Edwina is a clinical hypnotherapist, meditation facilitator, NLP trainer, shamanic practitioner and Channel and has qualifications in sound healing and metaphysics. She combines her knowledge and experience of physical fitness with her knowledge of mind fitness to offer holistic Fitmum programs that consider the interconnection of body, mind and soul.